English reading test (Multiple Choice) – No.4


Read the passages below carefully.
Then choose the best answer for each of the four questions that follow.

The following are letters to the editor of a school newspaper.

Students should be allowed to study without worrying about grades. Fortunately, most educators are becoming aware of the fact that students have different interests and abilities. However, the regimentation resulting from grades still exists. Grades often stifle creativity. Competing for better grades causes many students to turn down opportunities to pursue music, dramatics and sports. Grades impose an arbitrary standard of success on everyone. I do not demand as some extremists do, that grades be abolished immediately. However, I do believe that less emphasis should be placed on grades. I hope that someday grades will become optional at Village High School.

Magdalena Smith, President,
Drama Club

Let’s face the facts about grades. Grades perform three basic functions. First, grades motivate students to work at their highest level of competence. Second, they act as a reward for hardworking students and as a reprimand to students who do not work hard. Finally, grades are used as an effective standard by which to measure student achievement. Good grades help students to get jobs and to get into university. I’ve spoken with a number of students who have jobs, and most of them say that they were hired primarily on the basis of their grades. My grades helped me land a part-time job and will help me get into university next year. I think grades are extremely important at Village High School.

Simon Harper, Member,
Science Club


1. Simon Harper writes from the viewpoint of someone who

(a) wants business to hire more students
(b) believes in the benefits of good grades
(c) is concerned about students’ creativity
(d) supports students’ interests and abilities
(e) doesn’t work too hard at his studies

2. Magdalena Smith thinks it is important for

(a) students to get good jobs
(b) students to participate in music, dramatics, and sports
(c) students to compete more for grades
(d) educators to have more control over grades
(e) students to be reprimanded for not working hard

3. Which of the following states a fact about grades at Village High School?

(a) They are not useful
(b) They stifle creativity
(c) They foster unnecessary competition
(d) They should be optional
(e) They are currently in use

4. Which of the following is NOT an opinion expressed by Magdalena Smith?

(a) Grades should be abolished.
(b) Regimentation results from grades.
(c) Grades impose arbitrary standards of success.
(d) Students should be able to learn without worrying about grades.
(e) Competition may discourage students from pursuing subjects such as drama and art.



1. B
2. B
3. E
4. A