English topic – Free time

Every person is interested in his or her hobby from childhood. Same young people are keen on doing crossword puzzles because many magazines and papers are full of them but this hobby needs much knowledge in ever sphere of life. The boys usually like watching TV, fishing and especially now playing computer games. On weekends the young people go on discos. Some boys and girls go in sports. They attend various sports – basketball, football, handball athletics and so on. There are very few young people especially schoolchildren who like reading books. Many pupils after lessons go to music school art where they learn to play some instruments.
TV radio newspapers or magazines are very popular in Lithuania, There are a lot of TV channels so the young people mostly like LNK TV3 TV4 and MTV channels because there are more interesting films more music. Radio is also very popular among young people. They like listening music. Every teenager has a favourite pop group or singer.
The most popular newspaper in Lithuania is “LIETUVOS RYTAS”. It is popular not only among young at all. Older people find there what is happening in Lithuania and in the world. They find articles on political events, sports, life of interesting people and so on. There are also many other newspaper and magazines. Young people like reading magazines I think it is good because they don’t like read a books.