English topic – Health


Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. Every person should think more about his health because when health is lost everything is lost. Good health is better than the best medicine. And if your health is good you are always in a good mood. We should go to sport, eat various foods, be in the fresh air, and do exercises.
Sport is very important in our life. It is a way leading you to the healthy life. There are many kinds of sport. You can do exercises at home or in sport club .If you like biking you can visit a lot of places, listen to the sound of nature and enjoy the fresh air.
So if you really want to be healthy you should eat well-balanced meal, need extra vitamins, give up smoking and drinking.
It is said that about seventy interest young people smoke or have tread smoking. There are a lot of illnesses, which are caused by smoking. In our days the children begin to smoke in primary forms. So it has a very big negative effect their learning. I think it happens so that the parents don’t control their children they do not interest where the children put money which they give for lunch or dinner at school. Then children ask those adults to buy cigarettes to them, as the shop assistants have no right to sell for children. But I think all people must think what they do and if you want to be healthy you mustn’t smoke, use drugs and alcohol.