How can we make our City a better place to live in?

The living conditions in our city are getting worse and worse. We should do something before it is too late. Air pollution is a very important problem in our town. The biggest air polluters are cars. They emit very toxic fumes. To prevent pollution, governments should improve public transport, build bicycles tracks, offer to people to buy more modern and less polluting vehicles.
Water pollution is a serious problem caused by human activities. Factories dump their garbage into the sea or rivers. We have to teach to the world that water is our life and we must save it. For example we can stop using the products of companies whose factories cause pollution and not respecting laws and so on.
There is a lot of rubbish in the streets of our town. And I think that we have to install more litter bins in the streets and parks. Government must strictly fine people who litter up rubbish .
Everybody likes picnics near the river. After picnic peoples leave a lot of plastic bottles and packing. It is very pathetic sight. We must think that we are killing ourselves. We have to say our friends not to litter because it is very bad indeed for our environment.
We must think that we pollute our own air , ground and water.