Relationships/ summer holidays (anglų kalbos kalbėjimo tema) Nr.2


People have different characters and interests, so their communication and relationship are different. Persons character influences relationship between two individuals.
relationships in a family where children and parents live happily together are harmonic and sincere. They can reveal all their secrets to each other and be understood. But I don’t think that there are many families where such harmony prevails.
My relationship with parents is not very good, because I’m a teenager and I want to be free and independent. My parents want me just to sit at home and do homework or some extra learning, so we argue a lot. But sometimes we spend beautiful days together as a united family.
Friends are the best thing which life gave us. Everyone wants to have friends to speak to, to tell secrets or have fun with. I think to be a good friend means to be faithful, reliable and sincere. I have four best friends. They are equally important to me. They are very friendly, have a good sense of humor, always help in a trouble and I know that I can trust them.
People can find friends everywhere. We met our first friends in a kinder-garden, then we get acquainted with new friends when we come to school. But we can find them not only in these places, we can find friends in dubs, theatres and everywhere where we are among people.
Some teenagers have a lot of problems with their parents. The most common problem is desire to be independent. Sometimes they argue because of the pocket money, permission to come home late or their studies. But parents are usually strict in this field.
The most common problems among teenagers are drug and alcohol abuse. Sometimes it can be a bad influence of friends or they want to try something new.
In general I can say that relationship with human beings is a part of our life and communication with each person is unique.