The role of the internet (Anglų įskaita 2010)

Internet plays very important role in everyones lifes. Why is the Internet important?

1. It is the one medium that is experiencing the most expansion. Over 50 million people have access to the net and it is estimated that over 200 millions will be on the net by the year 2000.

2. Globalization. Your potential market will increase expontantially if your company has a presence on the net. Through e-commerce you are able to do business with companies all over the globe with a minimum of bother.

3. Your presence on the net can provide customers with the essential information they need without having to directly contact your company. Your site can thus be a advertising billboard and information database at the same time.

4. It has come to be almost essential for companies to have a site on the net. A good site will embed trust in your future customers. On the other hand, a badly designed site can be detrimental to your image. Your site is available to you customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year and through your site they will be able to perform their necessary actions (e.g. place orders, track their orders, send messages).

5. A more inexpensive way of presenting your company to the public than most other forms of advertising. Your site will always be up-to-date with the newest information, something that other mediums can not match.

6. Gain an advantage over your competition in this rapidly expanding market by having a professional well managed site. Beware that it may be better to have no homesite rather than to have an inferior one.