Traffic problems in our country and the ways to solve them

People travel to work and faces with various problems in every country. The increase of humans requirement for comfortable traveling causes problems of communication and transportation and it is getting more and more urgent in our days.

In our country most people travel to work either by cars or by buses, in largest cities by troleybuses. There are very few lucky people who can walk to work. Rush hour is not a new thing in Lithuania. Driving to work, with the congestion and difficulty finding parking space is really annoying. In addition, it is not the cheapest, not the healthiest and not environmentally friendly way of traveling. In spite of this, people in our country are not going to refuse their cars, which are mostly old and their exhaust fumes is full of lead.

The best way to solve traffic problems is to change your car in to the bicycle. This is more healthy and environmentally friendly way of traveling. More over it does not cost anything and it is impossible to get in to the traffic jam going by bicycle. Of course, it is not available in winter. In that case we should use public transport to avoid traffic problems and air pollution increase.

The government is building some new roads, improving the old ones, building bridges and motorways to solve the traffic problems in our city. The idea of new metro is being discussed. They are also building new pedestrian precincts, cycling roads in parks and around the city, but not enough in my opinion.

Lithuania was trying to fight traffic problems with free bicycles. According to Reuters the city has put 500 bicycles around the city for free use. The idea was that anyone can use the bikes as long as they leave the it for others after they finish their ride. But unfortunately this idea became “steal the orange bike” action.

To conclude, until we, people, would not understand, that the best way to solve motor traffic problems is to decline motor traffic, we will poison ourselves, and disease,such as cancer will survive…