“We live in the age of information”


The safe internet

We live in the age of information. The latest technologies develop every day and even every minute. Now we can find a needed person in a very short time using e-mail, mobile technologies, paging system and others. There are no inaccessible places in the world, so the distances now seem not so big as it looked hundred years ago.
The most important way of communication nowadays is Internet. It started in 1960 when some governmental organizations in the US wanted to connect their systems in a very reliable net, that couldn’t be affected by war. Later it developed and now we have a big computer network all over the world.
Nowadays people use the internet for everything, for casual work like buying food, reading books, talking to friends. Customers discover that they can send messages to more than 30 mln people all over the world and hold conferences about anything they want to. It improves communication process, makes it easier.
On the other hand, there are some negative aspects of internet. Crime has been a growing problem all over the world for the last 30 years and now, it seems like there is no better place like internet to cheat .
Everyone, has tried differents chat portals. There you can meet your old friends, or on the contrary, to make some new ones. Suddenly, people don‘t even notice how they start to rely on new fellows and believe every single word. Despite that, it could be worse if you decide to meet friends like that in reality, because you can see not what you expected to see. Your virtual friend could be absolutely different from the one, you talked on the Net. Or even worse…he could hurt you, he could use physical violence against you.
However, that‘s not all…Remote communication suits people mentality. People get used to discuss everything using e-mails, or some other message sending system, but, on the other hand, they would rather go down to the pub or a restaurant, because some problems are too complicated to explain in virtual reality, especially if they involve facts and figures.
Children…they also use the net to play games or to communicate with friends. Everything would be alright if there were only webs with decent content. Unfortunately there is not. There are millions of websites with pornography, cruelty, vice matters. It harms children‘s minds, it‘s bad for children‘s individual development.
Nobody can deny that children are very curiuos. The net proposes virtual reality shops, where people can buy everything they want to. But, if children surf the net without adults being around, who would stop them from ordering some things or facilities from shops like that? It could be a real challenge for all family budget.
In conclusion, first step to make you and your children safe when you are surfing the net, is to know about all dangers and only then trying to avoid them. It is essential to speak about problems like that, because the net is not only a good implement to improve our knowledge, to communicate with people, it also takes a big part of our everyday life. All we have to do is to use it for right purposes.