Let‘s protect the Baltic Sea (Anglų įskaita 2010)

Baltic Sea states are still failing to deal with decades of environmental mismanagement in the Baltic Sea, where intense human activity has made it one of the world’s most threatened marine ecosystems, WWF’s Baltic Sea Scorecards report shows.

Home to rich levels of biodiversity and wildlife, the Baltic Sea is a unique marine ecosystem which also sustains the livelihoods and economies of millions of people in the nine coastal countries that call the region ‘home.’

Overfishing, irresponsible shipping, industrial exploitation and pressures from agriculture and forestry continue to negatively impact its sensitive environment. The Baltic Sea today is one of the most threatened marine ecosystems on the planet.

WWF’s 2009 Scorecard examines how Baltic Sea states are planning and managing sea resources and whether they are taking needed steps towards sustainable management.

No country scored the top grade, and only Germany received a B, given its progress in developing maritime spatial plans for its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone moving ahead of the other countries with its plans for the use of its sea waters. Germany is followed by Denmark, Poland, Finland and Sweden which all received a C.

These countries are all in early stages of developing a more integrated approach to sea use management.

‘The report shows that the management varies widely from country to country – and could be described as a bit of a ‘patchwork approach.’ To be able to solve the complex problems of the Baltic Sea the countries and governments must work jointly across sectors and borders,’ said Lasse Gustavsson, CEO of WWF Sweden.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia all received a grade of D because of a lack of evidence of any real results towards an integrated sea use management.

‘The Baltic Sea is still one of the most threatened seas in the world. Part of the problem facing the Baltic Sea is the ‘free-for-all’ mentality that still governs our use of the sea,’ said Pauli Merriman, Director WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme. ‘If we are to succeed in saving our common sea for the future, we desperately need to work across countries, sectors and departments to achieve a more integrated sea use management and a holistic perspective.’

‘From an ecosystem perspective, such a relatively small sea like the Baltic cannot be treated as simply a collection of national marine areas. It constitutes, in almost all respects, one single marine ecosystem and should be managed as a whole,’ said Pauli Merriman.

My personal goals/ going to the cinema (anglų kalbėjimo tema) Nr.1

There are different kinds of films. Western, love stories, cartoon, tragedies, horror films, detective stories, feature films, musicals. Your choice depends on your mentality and intellect.
I_m impressed by feature films, especially with distinguished actors or actresses. There are names in the cinema history, which are regarded unique and timeless. Such is Greta Garbo, who herself is the history of the cinema.
Greta Garbo the distinguished film actress , was a unique personality among Hollywood stars , in the 1920-30_s , who never revealed to the world her biography.
All we know about her is that she was born in Stockholm in 1906, was trained in the city school , and at 16 become a pupil of the Royal Dramatic Academy. She never played on the stage.
What did she have that made her a great star? Her work began when she was given a script. She studied it very thoroughly. She studied out every situation, every time detail of it, everything. She memorised all the script which had been translated specially for her into Swedish. She knew exactly what she would do in front of the camera in every episode. She worked at top speed and at full emotion. She never rehearsed. She gave to the camera all she had, leave nothing for extremely difficult to play with Garbo.
She was a miracle. Like every great actor she could throw all of herself into a part, and having done that, she came out of it quite lifeless, her vitality burnt out.
On the set between scenes she would sleep in chair during all the intervals. She was and she looked different from all other stars, she as unrecognisable being tall, boyish, rather badly dressed, with no make up on he face. But the studio bosses often seeing Garbo on the screen for the first time become speechless as they saw a true miracle, a great artist. Cameras were found of shorting her. Garbo on the screen was extremely popular.
Garbo life was never social success. Fame couldn_t give her anything but difficulties. She lived modestly, without fine clothes or jewels, without house or an expensive car.
She worked with many film directors, which liked her, because their pictures with Greta Garbo were a great success. This film about the famous actress and a simple woman, in life, made a deep impression on me and it is still fresh in my memory.

European day of languages (Anglų įskaita 2010)

At the initiative of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, the European Day of Languages is celebrated since 2001 on 26 September.

Throughout Europe, 800 million Europeans represented in the Council of Europe’s 47 member states are encouraged to learn more languages, at any age, in and out of school. Being convinced that linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and a key element in the rich cultural heritage of our continent, the Council of Europe promotes plurilingualism in the whole of Europe.

On the occasion of the day, a range of events are organised across Europe: activities for and with children, television and radio programmes, language classes and conferences. National authorities and the various partners are given a free hand to organise activities. To coordinate the activities organised at national level, the Council of Europe asks participating countries to nominate “National Relay Persons” for the day.

The general objectives of the European Day of Languages are to:

– alert the public to the importance of language learning and diversify the range of languages learned in order to increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding;
– promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe;
– encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school.
In keeping with these aims, people, young and old, are encouraged to take up a language, or take special pride in their existing language skills. Also, those responsible for providing access to language learning are encouraged to make it easier for people to learn a range of languages, and to support policy initiatives to promote languages. There is also emphasis on learning a language other than English.

On the occasion of the day, a range of events are organised across Europe, including happenings for children, television and radio programmes, language classes and conferences. The events are not organised by the Council of Europe or the European Union nor do they allocate special funding (i.e. apart from their existing language programmes) for the day. Member states and potential partners are given a free hand to organise activities. To coordinate the activities organised at national level, the Council of Europe asks participating countries to nominate “National Relay Persons” for the day. The national relay in the UK is CILT, the National Centre for Languages. CILT’s website provides a whole host of ideas for activities in schools, colleges, workplaces and communities, with many downloadable materials as well as stickers and posters which can be ordered free of charge.

Free time. tv/ my future house (anglų įskaitos tema) Nr.1

Future house now is dedicated to exploring ideas about better living in modernist family homes that are affordable, efficient, healthy, environmentally responsible and available today.
There is a wide range of types of houses all over the world. I would like to have a detached house which would be located in a suburb of a city. It should be somewhere in the woods… This would allow me to create my own space.
Firstly, the exterior of my house would be very modern. My dream house would be surrounded by a high wooden fence. Secondly, the exterior of my house should be surrounded by palm trees, beautiful exotic flowers and a wonderful green lawn. Inside the back yard you’ll see a modern swimming pool and a garden shed. Next to the swimming pool there should be a porch where I could sunbathe or just relaxing after hard work. The second important reason why I want to have the porch is that I could make a barbeque or a small party with friends. Moreover, under my house should be a basement. Inside it you’ll see a cozy sauna. Apart from this, my house would have French windows, huge skylights, a garage attached to the house and other features including a burglar alarm.
When entering the house all you’ll see is antiquarian furniture. The rooms are spacious and bright. In the sitting-room most dominating colours are red and white, because the room is created in oriental style. It would give me warm feelings. There you can see an interesting fireplace and stone pillars. Beautiful pictures are put up on the walls. The dining-room windows look out at the exotic nature. By the way, inside the house you can see a conservatory. Next to it you’ll see a bathroom. Inside the bathroom there is a huge Jacuzzi! The interior of my bathroom is cosy and nice. Furthermore, the space of my house will give you a lot of peaceful feelings, because the house is surrounded by a wonderful environment.
I would like to have a house like this one. I like a peaceful environment and beautiful nature. I think my future children would be very happy to live in this house

Learning english/ my future job (anglų kalbėjimo tema) Nr.1

There is a time when you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It happens differently. Some people start thinking about it very early. They usually choose one profession and try to study as hard as they can in order to get the speciality they’ve chosen. So these are the purposeful people. Other people begin to think about their future profession later, when they finish school. It’s understandable. Leaving school is the beginning of independent life, but isn’t it better to prepare for this life earlier?
A few years ago it was difficult for me to give a definite answer about my future profession. I wanted to be a computer programmer. I was becoming interested in computers every day more and more. I’ve studied informatics for a couple of years, and I was successful. There are a few reasons why being a computer programmer is a really good profession. Firstly, there are fyture prospects for this profession these days, in a modern world of technics. Also, I would earn a lot of money. I was thinking that there is no doubt about my future profession, but I was wrong. My doctor said that computer programming is harmful profession to eyes. He said that if I am going to do it for a long time my vision will get really bad. I couldn’t be a computer programmer so I had to think of another profession.
After a couple of years I became interested in the sea and especially in geography. It was like a new world for me. Since I was a little boy I have dreamed about working on the sea. I was dreaming about that kind of job because my city in Lithuania was a seaport and I enjoyed watching the ships coming and leaving the port. I started to study geography and sciences more in order to become a mate and maybe one day a captain of the ship. I’ve heard that mates earn a reasonable amount. Some of them become very rich. And besides I would like to work on the sea and travel around the world, so I will connect two things: profit and fun.
The profession is chosen. And now I have to study very hard. I’ve chosen not the easiest way, and I know that. But I will do my best. I will study as much as I have to and even more. I hope that I will finish school with high marks, enter university, graduate from it, and then I will have the speciality with which the doors will be open for me everywhere.
Some people can argue that becoming a mate isn’t the best choice. I respect everyone’s opinion. But sooner or later, everyone has to choose his future profession. And may your choice be right!

Relationships/ summer holidays (anglų kalbos kalbėjimo tema)


Everyone likes going on holiday. Every year we make plans for our summer holiday. There are various ways of spending holidays. You can go to the seaside and enjoy swimming in the sea or lying in the sun. You can just travel to new places, meeting people and sightseeing. A lot of people like traveling to different countries. They like climbing the mountain visiting museums and etc.
First of all my holidays are rather passive. On summer holiday I also prefer lying on the beach. I enjoy swimming in the sea and sunbathing. I don’t usually choose an active holiday, such as skiing or mountain climbing, because on holiday I just want to relax and have a rest. But on the other hand I wouldn’t say that I’m not interested in active holiday and it wouldn’t attract me. Actually my ideal holiday is to visit Italy, the most exciting country. This travel is my greatest dream.
Moreover I’d like to sightsee Rome with its ancient history. I’d like to visit Venece as well in my opinion this city is exciting and strong. Obviosly I’d like to climb Italian mountains.
Finally I prefer to spend my holiday near the sea, because traveling in Italy is rather expensive. That is one of the reasons why I’d stay in our country. But as a matter of feat I promised myself when I have a well paid job, I certainly will go on holiday to Italy.

House technology/ Friendship (anglų įskaitos kalbėjimo tema)

Value that is found in friendships is often the result of a friend demonstrating the following on a consistent basis:

– the tendency to desire what is best for the other;
– sympathy and empathy;
– honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth, especially in terms of pointing out the perceived faults of one’s counterpart
mutual understanding;
In a comparison of personal relationships, friendship is considered to be closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations. Friendship and association can be thought of as spanning across the same continuum. The study of friendship is included in sociology, social psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and zoology. Various theories of friendship have been proposed, among which are social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles.

Aristotle on friendship
Friendship… is a kind of virtue, or implies virtue, and it is also most necessary for living. Nobody would choose to live without friends even if he had all the other good things…. There are, however, not a few divergent views about friendship. Some hold that it is a matter of similarity: that our friends are those who are like ourselves… Others take the contrary view….

The role of the internet (Anglų įskaita 2010)

Internet plays very important role in everyones lifes. Why is the Internet important?

1. It is the one medium that is experiencing the most expansion. Over 50 million people have access to the net and it is estimated that over 200 millions will be on the net by the year 2000.

2. Globalization. Your potential market will increase expontantially if your company has a presence on the net. Through e-commerce you are able to do business with companies all over the globe with a minimum of bother.

3. Your presence on the net can provide customers with the essential information they need without having to directly contact your company. Your site can thus be a advertising billboard and information database at the same time.

4. It has come to be almost essential for companies to have a site on the net. A good site will embed trust in your future customers. On the other hand, a badly designed site can be detrimental to your image. Your site is available to you customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year and through your site they will be able to perform their necessary actions (e.g. place orders, track their orders, send messages).

5. A more inexpensive way of presenting your company to the public than most other forms of advertising. Your site will always be up-to-date with the newest information, something that other mediums can not match.

6. Gain an advantage over your competition in this rapidly expanding market by having a professional well managed site. Beware that it may be better to have no homesite rather than to have an inferior one.

Saving energy and water/ studying environment (anglų kalbos įskaitos tema) Nr.1

Many people believe that the way we live our lives today is having an extremely bad effect on the environment. Here are some examples of environmental problems and solutions.
Pollution – is damage to the air, sea, rivers, or land caused by chemicals, waste and harmful gases. Pollutants include toxic waste, pesticides, and fertilizers.
environmental problems:
Cars – the biggest polluter today is the car. Exhaust fumes are the main cause of bad air quality, which can make people feel ill and have difficulty breathing. This problem is especially bad in some cities where, on days when there is not much wind, a brown layer of smog hangs in the air. The number of cars is increasing every year, and this causes serious congestion. Governments then build new roads to try to improve the situation, but this means that they cut down trees and destroy more of the countryside.
The GreenHouse Effect is caused by harmful gases known as greenhouse gases. These gases are produced when we burn fuels, especially coal burned in power station to make electricity. The gases go up into the Earth’s atmosphere and stop heat from leaving the Earth.
Because the heat cannot escape, the Earth is getting warmer. This is known as global warming. Global warming may cause the ice at the North Pole and South Pole to melt and sea levels to rise, leading to serious flooding in many parts of the world. In other places, temperatures will ride and there will be less rain, turning more of the land into desert.
Hole In The Ozone Layer. The ozone layer is a layer of gases that protects us from ultraviolet light from the sun, which can have a harmful effect on animals, and causes skin cancer in humans. The ozone layer is being damaged by chemicals, especially chloroflourocarbons, and when holes appear in the ozone layer, harmful light from the sun reaches the Earth.
Acid Rain is that rain that is harmful to the environment because it contains acid from factory smoke. Acid rain causes damage to trees, rivers, and buildings.
The Destruction of Habitats. All over the world, wildlife is being threatened because habitats and woodlands are being destroyed. Rainforests are being cut down so that people can use the land to grow crops. Many species of animals have become extinct, and many more are endangered.
some solutions:
Alternative forms of transport. One of the main problems with cars is that they cause a lot of pollution and often carry only one person. Public transport is more environmentally friendly because buses can carry large numbers of people at the same time. Car pools are another way of reducing of cars on the roads. Even cleaner solutions are electric cars, and bicycles.
Renewable energy sources such as wind power, wave power, and solar power do not pollute the environment. They are much cleaner that oil and coal.
Green Products. We can help the environment by choosing to buy green products. Examples of green products are recycled paper, wood from sustainable sources, and organic fruit and vegetables.
Recycling is when you use something again instead of throwing it away. Glass, cans, paper, and plastic can all be recycled.
Protesting. Many people try to protect the environment by joining environmental groups that inform people about green issues, and try to persuade governments to take more care of the environment, especially by organizing protests.

Looking for a summer job (Anglų įskaita 2010)

Summer is perfect time of looking for a temporary job. In my point of view, pupils should not get down to every job which is offered. First of all every of us have make a list of interests and strengths, as well as dislikes and the things you need some improvement in, and keep them in mind as you look for a job. For example, if you love books or writing, a job in a bookstore or library might be perfect for you. So every of us has to think about future dreem job and to move under this direction. I think, that every job, even temporary summer job, has to be valuable, beneficial and giving basics for our dreem job. That’s why we can not waste time to casual and useless jobs. On the other hand, it is not easy to find desirable job nowadays, when labour marker is in deep crisis and unemployment rate is more than 10%. However, clever, wily, responsible and intellectual applicants still can find good jod, even labour market is quite comlicated today.

Healthy food/ free time activities (anglų kalbos įskaita)


Eating habits are often formed in childhood and affect the child`s health throughout their life. One of the big problems that we have with getting kids to make good FOOD choices is that we ourselves often eat unhealthy FOOD.
In my opinion, if a child sees you eating healthy items- vegetables, fruits, whole grains, the child will be more inclined to see those items as the normal foods that are consumed. These items should be staple items, not something to go along with an unhealthy diet.
Try to make the FOOD fun. Tell and show your child that some vegetables, which you are using for the meal is just for colouring and for making the FOOD more fun. Baking mixes can have wonderful results with FOOD colouring stirred gently into the mix. A few drops of different colours can make your FOOD colourful so that children love to eat it.
Even if your child doesn`t love to eat healthy FOOD, just keep trying. It may take more time, but eventually the FOOD will be familiar to the child and he will not be so afraid to try it.
Offer your child choices. Kids love the opportunity to make decisions for them selves. If you offer several different healthy foods, children will eat what they choose.
Have standard meal times. If the meal times are the same each day, the appetite will be ready for them. Do not give to many snacks between meals. They should be hungry and should wait for meal times and would eat what are you offering.
At the end I would like to say don`t forget to educate your child about which FOOD is good for them. That eating healthy FOOD is extremely important for growing.

Free time activities. Music / shopping (anglų įskaitos tema)

Every person is interested in his or her hobby from childhood. Same young people are keen on doing crossword puzzles because many magazines and papers are full of them but this hobby needs much knowledge in ever sphere of life. The boys usually like watching TV, fishing and especially now playing computer games. On weekends the young people go on discos. Some boys and girls go in sports. They attend various sports – basketball, football, handball athletics and so on. There are very few young people especially schoolchildren who like reading books. Many pupils after lessons go to music school art where they learn to play some instruments.
TV radio newspapers or magazines are very popular in Lithuania, There are a lot of TV channels so the young people mostly like LNK TV3 TV4 and MTV channels because there are more interesting films more music. Radio is also very popular among young people. They like listening music. Every teenager has a favourite pop group or singer.
The most popular newspaper in Lithuania is “LIETUVOS RYTAS”. It is popular not only among young at all. Older people find there what is happening in Lithuania and in the world. They find articles on political events, sports, life of interesting people and so on. There are also many other newspaper and magazines. Young people like reading magazines I think it is good because they don’t like read a books.