Alcohol and teenagers

I will talk about alcohol and teenagers. I think that alcohol is very actual for young people nowadays.
In the diagram I can see that boys are taking stimulants more and more. Since 2003 girls who are 15-16 years old have declined alcohol use. I agree that alcoholism is widely spread among 15-16 years old group, because I think that teenagers like trying everything in their life. Considering on the diagram alcoholism in this age group is sufficiently serious national problem. Because such teenagers can make many crimes and can befall more accidents.
My attitude towards alcohol is positive, but I think that too much alcohol isn’t good. I have participated in celebration without alcohol. We had a very good time. I think that the most important thing is to be with your friends and alcohol is not necessary then. My friends respect each other and never laugh at a person who refuses to use alcohol. However, usually such persons are laughed at. Nobody wants to be in such situations and so many teenagers start drinking alcohol. Moreover, most teenagers especially boys want to be popular among their friends and think that alcohol can help to get enough attention. Also teenagers want to grow up faster and behave as adults do.
Alcoholism cause many problems. Firstly, it can cause many diseases for example, epilepsy, cirrhosis, enlargement of the heart. Also alcoholism causes many family’s problems. It changes family’s life. It is not easy to stop the growth of alcoholism among young people. But there are some ways to reduce this problem. Firstly, teenagers should have more out of school activities. They should travel, visit museums and other interesting places, meet with different people, participate in competitions, go to concerts, theatres and do many other activities. Also advertisement of alcohol should be banned.