Cycling As A Means Of Transport

Cycling is a perfect way of travelling, widely known as one of the safest means of transport. When some people choose to wait in a heavy traffic others enjoy a ride on a bicycle without needing to breath the car exhaust fumes and go the the place they want much faster than the first ones.Although much can be said in favor of cycling, much can be said against it as well.
First of all cycling is the most environmentally-freindly means of transport. Bycicles do not create air pollution not to mention the fact that they save your money because cars need petrol and to be repaired. In addition to saving your epenses and reducing pollution, bicycles also save space cause you can park ten bicycles in a parking space required for a one car. What is more cycling helps you to stay fit and healthy as it is a good form of exercise for your whole body and your mentality too. Studys show that even a small amount of cycling can lead to significant gains in fitness. Instead of spending time stuck in a car or bus, you spend it on the bike, there is no need to find extra time to exercise. Furthermore when travelling through a countryside you can enjoy the most wonderfull views and sights.
On the other hand cycling may be a really dangerous means of transport. Nowadays there are many irresponsible young drivers who are the first to blame in case of an acident cause these drivers not always give way to the cyclist. Moreover the fumes from cars and lories are bad for your helath. In fact in some citys around the world the fumes are so bad that cyclist are forced to wear masks to protect them from pollution. Besides you could not protect yourself from bad weather conditions which can easily catch you unprepared by surprise.
To sum up, if cycling isn’t as fast and comfortable means of transport as mothorized fully-equiped vehichles but it is our health that we should regard to and remember that when riding a bicycle you can enjoy the fact that not only you are getting to your desirable destination but you are also getting fit at the same time.