English topic – House and home

I live with my family in apartment house. This house is in Stadionas street. I live on the third floor. The number of my flat is 20. Our 3 room flat is rather big. It has got two bedrooms, a living- room, a hall, a kitchen, a bathroom and toilet. There is a balcony in my flat. I have a fine view from the balcony and windows.
One of two bedrooms is my room. It’s not big but it’s cosy and lively. My room’s walls are painted in bright green colour and the window is shrouded in dark green blinds. There are small brown rug on the floor, a bookcase, a wardrobe, a bed, and table with a computer on it in my room.
Next bedroom is my parent’s room. It’s rather big room. Walls are painted in pink colour and windows are shrouded in blinds .The floor is carpeted. There is a big double bed, two bedside tables, a wardrobe, a small table with a TV on it and some plants on the windowsill in the room.
The biggest room of all is a living room. Room’s walls are papered, windows are shrouded in colourful blinds and on the floor there is a big grey carpet. There is a sofa, two armchairs, a little table, a wall unit and some pictures on the walls in the living-room.
Our hall is not very big. There is a hall stand, a dressing table and a mirror in the hall.
Our kitchen is small. There is a wooden kitchen unit, a fridge and a gas stove.
A bathroom is very small. There is a small bath with a shower, a basis, a washer and a mirror.
I have all amenities hot and cold water, gas, electric light, central heating.