Four seasons of the year

The twelve months of the year are divided into four seasons.
March, April and May are spring months. March is the month when the ground starts to thaw and the snow melts again. At the end of this month you can see many violets and anemones in the forests with some butterflies and bees on them Spring is my mother’s favourite season. She says: “It’s exiting when you wake up and that the nature is different every morning. At first you see only the grey ground, then you see the buds on the trees, some days later everything blossoms and finally you can see that all nature is green.” The weather is changeable. The cold days of winter turn to the chilly days of spring. Usually there are some thunderstorms in April. But during these months farmers begin to work in their farms; they work from the early spring until the late autumn. June, July and April are summer months. The weather is changeable: some days are hot, some – quite cool, some days are dry, during some days it’s pouring with rain. Summer is a time of holiday. Then people go near the water, to the country. If you ask in the street, what the summer is, most of people would answer: “Summer is a period of entertainment!” And it’s the truth. If you’d go to Palanga, Vilnius, Kaunas or some other big town and you can spend your free time very well there.
Autumn begins with September. It’s the month when the colour changes from green to purple or gold. It’s nice to be in the forests in autumn, because they are full of mushrooms, berries and you can see the other face of the nature. Most people don’t like this season because of it’s weather. It’s often dull and foggy, it rains a lot. Autumn is a depressing period. Then farmers harvest the crops. In Lithuania in November the chilly days of autumn soon change to the cold days of winter. The first frosts arrive and roads become icy. The rain turns to sleet and snow, at first turning to slush, but soon settling with severe blizzards and snowdrifts.
Winter starts with December. Winter is a period when everything looks clean when the ground is covered with snow. Children love winter. They like playing ice-hockey, snowballs, making snowmen and waiting for Christmas. The New Year starts with January. January starts with new hopes of many people.
So this is the circle of all the year that happens every twelve months.