Free time. tv/ my future house (anglų įskaitos tema) Nr.2

From my point of view, to have a dream means to have a path. A path which you follow most of your life and make all your efforts to fulfil your ambitions. As the topic is about the dream house, let me discuss about the way I see my future home.

Firstly, the location of the building is very important because what makes the home perfect is the opportunity to relax and get away from the troubles of your business life. So, my dream house would be located somewhere near the seashore, as a sound of the waves makes you feel calm.

Furthermore, to clarify the surroundings of my imaginary living place, I must say that there would be a large garden, full of various plants and decorations. Mostly important, I could hardly imagine my dream home place without a wooden bathhouse and a small path to the sea.

Such neat surroundings would present about not less convenient inside of the house. My criteria before architecting the building would be space. I would choose spacious rooms without a great number of walls. Of course, it would be a two-storey building decorated with claret bricks and the roof of brown tilling. In order to give the impression of freedom my dream house would have a lot of wide windows facing a picturesque view of the sea, pine forest and the garden. All the rooms would flow in bright colours, would not lack of carpets and curtains, which make the house warm. My dream house would contain both modern technologies and old-fashioned details. For example, I would enjoy having a fireplace and a basement designed in an old style. But of course I would not reject all the technologies which make our life more convenient and pleasant.

In conclusion, a dream house can’t be created by all those things mentioned above. What makes a house homelike is its atmosphere which can only be inspired by the residents of the place. As long as the people, you’ll be living with, were not the ones of your dreams, neither the garden nor the fireplace would make your house of your dreams.