Leisure facilities for young people (Anglų įskaita 2010)


What do people like doing during their leisure, what are their hobbies and interests? Now people have much more occupations than earlier. Earlier there was no TV, no radio so people were at home and read books or enjoyed the nature. Some time later the radio and the TV was invented so people spent less and less time for reading books. Now the TV and the radio chains the people and they become coach potatoes. But now all spend their spare time in such a boring way. The people that like to live an active live are much healthier, they aren’t boring; it’s interesting to associate with such people. Its good then people have their hobbies, then they reach some purposes and the life becomes funnier then. My hobby is sporting, because when I have some free time I go in for sports. Then I feel much better, I become more cheerful and livelier. Sometimes I read books, but not often, because I don’t find time for that. If I take a book so I must often read it during a couple days or during a week, because it’s interesting, you want to know what is going to be later and can’t stop reading. But as I have said, I don’t often read books. During my spare time I also like reading newspapers or magazines, because so we people, know what is happening in the world at the moment. When I come home after school, I always listen to the music, it helps me to relax and have arrest after a long day. At weekends I often go to the cinema, it’s better than to sit at home and watch television, because that in the cinema the movies are new and much better and I go to the cinema not alone of course, I go there with my friends and always have a good evening. The theatre, I don’t like going to the theatre because that it isn’t so interesting. Almost all the visitors of the theatre are not younger than 35 or 40 years old. Sometimes I go to the exhibitions, there I know new technologies and it’s interesting. But not often I visit the galleries and the museums, because the museums are already visited and the galleries aren’t my favorite places. Now about the computer. I spend very little time sitting to the computer, because it’s not good for eyes and I don’t have the internet. Sometimes I play some games of course, but not often. I need my computer to write topics too. So, don’t become coach potato and have a good time!