Providing solution to problem: stress before examination


Essay: providing solution to problem

Many students suffer from psychological stress these days as
pressure to pass the exams has grown vastly. Fortunately, there are a
number of possible solutions which could help pupils to get rid of stress
and tension.
First of all, students should find some free time to rest and have
some relaxation. To pass exams they need to be full of mental energy and
resolution because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Secondly, students should know what career they are willing to
choose during their last grade and pay attention to things that are
required to study that kind of speciality. That would definitely make the
studies more efficient and save precious time as well.

What is more, hiring a private teacher would be very useful. Working
with a teacher individually will increase student’s knowledge and make him
more confident on himself before the final examination. Also, private
teacher might consult the pupil what career should he choose as he can
shape his abilities and give an advice.
Finally, student should keep his lifestyle as healthy as possible.
Having proper eating habits, some physical exercises, not using any stuff
that is detrimental to student’s health will keep him fit, healthy and full
of positive energy before the examination.
In conclusion, there are many solutions to the problem of stress
before examination but if you follow these advices you will definitely be
able to deal with all the tension you face.