Saving energy and water/ studying environment (anglų kalbos įskaitos tema) Nr.1

Many people believe that the way we live our lives today is having an extremely bad effect on the environment. Here are some examples of environmental problems and solutions.
Pollution – is damage to the air, sea, rivers, or land caused by chemicals, waste and harmful gases. Pollutants include toxic waste, pesticides, and fertilizers.
environmental problems:
Cars – the biggest polluter today is the car. Exhaust fumes are the main cause of bad air quality, which can make people feel ill and have difficulty breathing. This problem is especially bad in some cities where, on days when there is not much wind, a brown layer of smog hangs in the air. The number of cars is increasing every year, and this causes serious congestion. Governments then build new roads to try to improve the situation, but this means that they cut down trees and destroy more of the countryside.
The GreenHouse Effect is caused by harmful gases known as greenhouse gases. These gases are produced when we burn fuels, especially coal burned in power station to make electricity. The gases go up into the Earth’s atmosphere and stop heat from leaving the Earth.
Because the heat cannot escape, the Earth is getting warmer. This is known as global warming. Global warming may cause the ice at the North Pole and South Pole to melt and sea levels to rise, leading to serious flooding in many parts of the world. In other places, temperatures will ride and there will be less rain, turning more of the land into desert.
Hole In The Ozone Layer. The ozone layer is a layer of gases that protects us from ultraviolet light from the sun, which can have a harmful effect on animals, and causes skin cancer in humans. The ozone layer is being damaged by chemicals, especially chloroflourocarbons, and when holes appear in the ozone layer, harmful light from the sun reaches the Earth.
Acid Rain is that rain that is harmful to the environment because it contains acid from factory smoke. Acid rain causes damage to trees, rivers, and buildings.
The Destruction of Habitats. All over the world, wildlife is being threatened because habitats and woodlands are being destroyed. Rainforests are being cut down so that people can use the land to grow crops. Many species of animals have become extinct, and many more are endangered.
some solutions:
Alternative forms of transport. One of the main problems with cars is that they cause a lot of pollution and often carry only one person. Public transport is more environmentally friendly because buses can carry large numbers of people at the same time. Car pools are another way of reducing of cars on the roads. Even cleaner solutions are electric cars, and bicycles.
Renewable energy sources such as wind power, wave power, and solar power do not pollute the environment. They are much cleaner that oil and coal.
Green Products. We can help the environment by choosing to buy green products. Examples of green products are recycled paper, wood from sustainable sources, and organic fruit and vegetables.
Recycling is when you use something again instead of throwing it away. Glass, cans, paper, and plastic can all be recycled.
Protesting. Many people try to protect the environment by joining environmental groups that inform people about green issues, and try to persuade governments to take more care of the environment, especially by organizing protests.